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Artfully Wrapped Four – Ancient Egyptian Bird Mummies, 12 September to 11 November 2018

Not only humans, but animals, too, were mummified in Ancient Egypt. Excavations have brought to light numerous embalmed cats, dogs, and birds, and even the occasional crocodile, gazelle, and monkey. While researchers have been studying these fascinating objects for several years, the bandages used to wrap them have received but scant attention to date. The Abegg-Stiftung has now helped advance the research being done in this field. As part of a degree project for the master’s programme in textile conservation and restoration, four bird mummies were thoroughly analysed, documented and cautiously conserved. Two were falcon mummies, one an ibis mummy and one a pseudo-mummy from the Bibel + Orient Museum in Fribourg. Before they return to their owner, they are to go on show in a special, two-month-long mini-exhibition in Riggisberg. Media Release | Master’s Thesis Poster