Qinghai Research Institute of Cultural Relics and Archaeology

Textile Treasures of Dulan

Dulan County is located at the southeastern corner of the Qaidam Basin in Qinghai Province. During the sixth through ninth centuries CE, one of main routes of trade between China, Tibet, and the West crossed the area. Between 1982 and 1999, more than 80 ancient tombs dating from this period were excavated in Dulan County. The book presents a selection of the rich textile finds, most of them figured silks of Chinese or Central Asian origin. Texts and images are complemented by comprehensive technical descriptions.

Jointly published by the Abegg-Stiftung and Cultural Relics Press, Beijing | With contributions by Xu Xinguo and Angelika Sliwka | 308 p., c. 195 colour figs., soft binding, 24 x 30 cm, 2021 (published 2023), ISBN 978-3-905014-69-3

CHF 85.00